In bed fortune cookies

Image of fortune cookie I spent a good deal of time bouncing around West Africa in the 1980's while working in the survey and mapping industry. One consequence of working in the field for an extensive period is that friendships are forged with coworkers; friendships which not only span careers but, in some cases, span lifetimes. During my stint for king and country in survey, I had the pleasure of meeting and working with a fellow named Malcolm and though I only worked with him for the better part of a decade, our friendship, and regular breakfast get-togethers, lasted right up until a few years ago when Malcolm passed away peacefully in his sleep.

It was Malcolm who introduced me to the notion of "in bed fortune cookies" and, quite frankly, I've never been able to look at fortune cookies quite the same way ever since. "It's a simple concept", Malcolm explained, "you just read aloud what's written in your fortune cookie, and then you add the words IN BED to the end". Malcolm was, of course, quite correct. It is not only simple, but it's highly entertaining, particularly when in mixed company. For the past few years I've been saving the fortunes from within the WINGS fortune cookies which have come with the take-out we've ordered from Ruby Inn. A modest collection of in bed fortune cookies are provided for your reading enjoyment:

Be yourself... IN BED!

No one is more qualified than you... IN BED!

Keep an eye out for someone special... IN BED!

People appreciate your leadership qualities... IN BED!

Keep an ear open at work. An opportunity may come up... IN BED!

Practice is the best of all instructors... IN BED!

You will discover something wonderful... IN BED!

Now is a good time for a bit of fun... IN BED!

For a good cause, wrongdoing may be virtuous... IN BED!

You will make a change for the better... IN BED!

It is time to help a friend in need... IN BED!

Don't let freinds impress on you.... IN BED!

You are cheeful and well liked... IN BED!

Others appreciate you more than you think... IN BED!

Someone thinks you are wondefully mysterious... IN BED!

And my personal favourites....

You have the ability to make people laugh... IN BED!"

Pack your bags. You're destined for an exciting destination... IN BED!

You are very resilient in pursuing your dealings.... IN BED!

Submitted by "Big Banana" Bob Loblaw, 31 October 2015