Doors to revolutionize computing

Image of Doors logo OTTAWA (01 April 2016)
Cleetus Fuddpucker, CEO of Fuddpucker MacroTechnology, spoke quite candidly about the impetus being the development of Doors, the start-up's revolutionary new operating system. "People are just getting fed up with continually having to update software, update drivers and update peripherals such as printers or scanners which are no longer supported. Millions of devices, still perfectly functional, end up in electronic recycling depots or worse, landfill, simply because these newer operating systems purporting to offer new features no longer support older software or devices."

Fuddpucker, of course, is referring to an all-too familiar experience the vast majority of us have encountered in a futile attempt to keep pace with evolving technologies. "It's ludicrous," asserted Fuddpucker, "Twenty-five years ago I could easily send a fax from my old DOS-based computer. To accomplish this today, with a computer that has significantly more power, I'd have to spend a little over a hundred dollars on updated software or, alternatively, subscribe to a cloud-based fax service. The latter, by the way, puts my documents in the hands of someone other than the recipient."

I can appreciate Fuddpucker's sentiments. Since I acquired my first computer in the late 1980's, I have purchased no fewer than six different printers. I have also purchased 4 versions of Corel WordPefect and three versions of Microsoft Office. Ironically, the very point Fuddpucker was emphasizing, I was able to create and print the exact same document in each version of the software on every operating system I have ran.

"Doors is an entirely different concept," Fuddpucker said. "With Doors, you can access any piece of software you've ever owned and it will run, in a multitasking Door instance, on your system." Unlike most operating systems, which provide single version access to software applications designed specifically for that version of the operating system, Doors allows you to access multiple operating systems simultaneously, or at least parts thereof, each which corresponds to the requirements of the specific software application version you wish to access.

"Virtualization," Fuddpucker elaborated, "is not a concept unfamiliar to the IT professional in an enterprise environment. It is not, however, something that is widely used in the consumer market. Fuddpucker MacroTechnology wants to change that," he continued, "but in a slightly different way. The Doors system is more of a portal than an operating system as we understand it. You need only provide us with the specific software applications you wish to access, and your license key to use those applications. The Doors application does the rest, opening a secure tunnelled access pipe through which the desired software application is delivered to your system."

"I don't know if you've ever tried to crawl through a Window to get into your hoe," Fuddpucker joked, "but it's far, far easier to simply open a Door to gain access. You can certainly look through a Window, but if you really need access to, it's far more practical to go through a Door than crawl through a Window." Currently, Doors provides access to any software application ever designed to run on any version of DOS, Windows, MacOS, iOS, Linux, Android or BSD. Fuddpucker MacroTechnology is currently in talks with a major mobile device manufacturer and a smartphone release announcement will be forthcoming.

The Doors operating system will be available for distribution immediately. Be sure to ask your local computer or electronics retailer to carry Doors as it will only be available through retail outlets. Order your copy today!

Submitted by Jeff Dubois, 31 March 2016